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I woke up this morning late. Late in the sense that I woke up after the time I usually wake up. I just want to put up an already written post and zoom off but I have a leading and inspiration to drop this advice for dream “havers” out there. The bible said in Habakkuk 2 v 2, write the vision, make it plain that they may run and not faint. There are very many of us with big and scary dreams that do not even correspond with what we are doing now. I just have three little tips for such dream havers.

1.  Write the vision. Write down the dream somewhere you can see it all the time so you can work with it. Don’t just write it at the back of a used up jotter and throw it into the drawers of used books unless you are not serious about achieving it. Write it in your daily journal, write it in your laptop, write it in your phone or i-pad, wherever is always accessed by you, write it down there and sometimes, bring it out and read and pray for the grace.

2 . Make it plain. Elaborate the dream. Expand it. Don’t just write that you want to be a great teacher, that you want to travel the world, you want to be an inventor, make it plain. Ok, I would teach in primary schools during holiday periods to gain experience and to save up money if you are not financially buoyant, I would work on my personal development, I would go to a teacher’s training college, join any association of teachers that would help me or pioneer the creating of one if there is none, once in a while brush up my teaching skills. Have a plan, don’t just float through life and expect that everything will work out with no effort. Ask the Almighty to breathe life into your goals. You can’t make it plain? Ask for the help of the holy spirit, we can’t do it all alone. Make the vision plain. Lay out steps you think necessary to help you, obstacles you need to cross, improvements you need to make. Don’t just make the longest list in the world and then wake every day, sleep, eat, go to school, sleep, eat, work…the same circle every day. I once read an article; I can’t remember where but it was of students who were asked to list out their goals in life. Out of the 90% that wrote down goals, only 5% achieved in the coming years all they wrote down and all the 5% did not just write down goals, they wrote down steps they hoped to take to get there and though they didn’t follow these steps to the latter, it was a guide, it was a ladder, a stepping stone. Making it plain helps you with the next step.

3.  Run with the plain vision, in other words, be proactive. This is very important. Don’t just make it plain. Follow it. Don’t just say I will teach primary schools during holiday period and then holiday comes, you eat, sleep, watch telly. Those dreams will either never happen or it will happen very late in life. If you have to make personal development to do well in that goal, start now. Stop waiting for the right time or time when you will be ready. You will always never be ready. Just plunge in, unless you are already on the path. You want to be an actress, you are in school now? Why not join a drama group in school or in church, get little trainings during holidays, do something. Don’t just go to school, then enter the labour market and begin to run the rat race. Don’t despise the days of small beginnings for your latter will be great, zech 4:10. Be proactive, get up, come out of the closet, don’t dream in your mind or build castles in the air, get up and network, do something, overcome that fear.

There it is, three little tips for my fellow dream “havers”. Above all, get God involved so that you’ll have a jolly ride and see the obstacles before they come. Have a blessed day.

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