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As humans, we are bound to make a whole lot of mistakes in our lifetime. However, here are 7 life threatening mistakes you should never make

1.    Relying on inheritance: This is a one way road to everlasting laziness. Laziness that might lead to drinking, drugs or obesity and severe depression. An inheritance should be an added advantage and not your ONLY source of living.

2.   Living without purpose and vision:  Without a purpose or vision or dream, you are like a nylon carried about by different winds. No direction, no goals. Sometimes the wind blows in your favour, other times, it doesn’t. No control over your future which can lead to a frustrated life.

3.   Alcohol, drug use and crime: I put these three together because they hand in hand most times. It often starts with constant drinking then smoking. As you progress, your clique of friends change and before you know it, they introduce you to drugs and then if you are ‘qualified’, you move to the next level which is crime. When your constant place of relaxation becomes drinking bars, stop and think.

4.   Sexual Immorality: Many grow up in a home where there is no parental restraint or control in the religious aspect. The parents are not really concerned, they just want to make sure you are good in school and turn out responsible. Some see this as a headway to date and sleep around. This is a mistake that when you fall into, you continue to go deep and deep into. Sometimes, you even begin to experiment outside the natural order of man and involve in acts that rub you of your dignity. then backsliding sets in not just spiritually but emotionally, physically, academically. Sexual immorality affects you physically, spiritually, emotionally and most times you loose touch with reality.

5.   Living without God: If you choose this path, a lot of hard work and disappointments will be associated with you. God is our creator, whatever the religion, He is always acknowledged. You cannot live a successful, happy and peace filled life without God. It’s one of the gravest mistakes a human can choose to make.

6.   Wrong marital choice: It is often said that a bad marriage is hell on earth and it is. Making the wrong choice of a marital partner can lead you to hell, rub you of eternal happiness, make you live in constant sin every day, kill or diminish your dreams, make you age faster than possible. Your marital partner is that face you wake up the rest of your life to see beside you, is that person you share your home with forever, is that person you remain forever obligated to after Christ. There is no escape route. If you choose to divorce and marry another, you live in sin.

7.   Love of money: The bible said that the love of money is the root of all evil (ist Tim 6 v 10). When you love money, you are bound to be involved in all kinds of evil. It’s okay to want money. To have a desired and comfortable life, money is one of the major things needed. But when money is the driving force of your life, sit back and think twice because if you continue with that, you are bound to have a very open mind to involve in anything no matter how unthinkable just to get your desired goal.

There you have it, 7 mistakes you should think thrice before falling into. Any thoughts? Please share.


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