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Weak and with a throbbing forehead, I climbed the stairs as slow as possible. I could have stayed home and called in sick but I didn't want to start my day with insults and abuses so I dragged myself out of bed and found my way to work.

I got to the office and went first to my cubicle. I sat there till I regularized my breathing and steadied my dizzy sight. Despite all the slow work, I sighed to myself.

I went to my superior's office but unike what i had hoped for, he was on seat and had a lot of jobs for me. He wrote down the jobs and handed me the required cash.
One of the errands was the head ache kind. I frowned on reading it. I was already dealing with head ache, I didn't require any more of it. I was to go get something from someone at one of the courts. I didn't know the person, I didn't have his number. I just had to ask around till I met him. But I had no choice to prevent being tagged disrespectful.

I went back to my cubicle and sat down, reluctant to start my trip. After several seconds, my superior walked in on me and asked why i was still in the office. Without a word, seeing that I had none, I picked my things and shuffled myself out.
I got to the court and as God would have it, the first office I walked into was the 'someone's' office. I met one of the officers there and the following conversation ensued

Me: Good afternoon Sir
He nodded in acknowledgment.

Me: I'm looking for 'somebody'

Him: oh you mean 'somebody'?
He asks correcting my pronunciation

Me: Yes Sir

Him: Okay, he just stepped out now. I don't know if he will come back. Why not call him.

Me: I don't have his number Sir

Him: Okay, let me call him and find out

Me: (Smiling for the first time today) Thank you sir.

I kept thinking how nice the man was and how I'll blog that there are still good hearts in Nigeria. He contacts the 'somebody' and hands me the phone and the somebody asks me to return the next day. After the call ends, I hand over the phone, inform him of what the somebody said, thanked him again and then turned to step out, when he called after me.

Him: Won't you find something for me?
His face was all shades of serious and a little mean.

Me: (stammers )erh. .h..h I was sent so I don't really have anything

Him: even after spending my credit for you eh
He laughed, his expression a bit relaxed. Not finding it funny as my thoughts of him being nice had just been countered, I start shuffling backwards while smiling at him.

Him: Alriight take care.

Me: Okay sir, thank you sir.

I left, telling myself that he must have been joking.
Fast forward to the next day, to the same situation of the said 'somebody' being absent again....

Me: Good morning sir

Him: Check him in the court room upstairs.

I go there and return to state the continued absence of the' somebody'

Him: let me give you his number so that you'll call him. I'm not ready to use my credit as I did yesterday and you gave me nothing.
I smiled, took the number and left.
This was supposed to be about a kind man who helped me out in a needy situation and made me smile when all traces of joy had left my body but it turns out he was expecting something in return. What's the point then?
Is this what we are about now in This country? Give only if you'll take?
This is the kind of kindness we offer
This is the kind of kindness that leads to bribery
That is the bribery that will lead to refusal to perform one's duty because palms has not been graced.
Kindness doesn't expect something in return!
The change starts with us. No, it's not a cliche's a valid truth.
Let the spreading of Love, stopping of tribalism, acts of kindness to strangers begin with You. Have you helped someone today?


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